LumaPix Corporate Policies

Privacy Policy Summary
We care as much as you do about privacy - so our corporate policies are simple, transparent and to the point.

FotoFusion does not include any hidden third-party software (“spyware”).
We collect plain text session logs to track what version people are using, error reports and usage patterns so we can improve the software. No personal information is transferred.
We also track attempts to circumvent copy protection.

Detailed Privacy Policy

LumaPix® FotoFusion® includes the ability to share images via e-mail; therefore, users will need to specify their e-mail address. We commit that we will not transfer information on individual users to any commercial third party. Our software uses network technology to communicate with a server, to check for version upgrades, to report errors and to track usage patterns to detect piracy. We use this information to improve the product and protect the investment made by honest users – but again, we will not transfer information on individual users to commercial third parties. FotoFusion detects if it did not exit correctly the last time it was run; if this has happened, FotoFusion reports the circumstances of the crash to LumaPix the next time it is run. This enables us to identify problem areas in the software and improve them for all users. No personal information is transferred during this process.