YearbookFusion Build updates for Fall 2015

October 9, 2015 - 11 minutes read

YearbookFusion Build 113243 Desktop & 27707.73 Online


  • prompt requiring action after ‘each chapter’ is rendered to PDF
  • images with specific EXIF data dropping on canvas stretched
  • images with transparency to no longer display with black background after save to remote storage
  • image thumbnails to always display in image dock within the online version
  • update status of panel layout change/re-flow on save
  • book ladder pages to open in editor on correct side
  • spell check highlight to follow text changing in Lock & Clip
  • template images to replace entirely when replacing template
  • persistence with ‘save as’ after inserting a project into another project


  • ability to remove last year gallery images from root folder or sub-folders
  • 2016 calendar templates
  • ability to pick up background canvas image using the online version
  • ability for publisher’s to output book to PDF regardless of online proofing status
  • display of canvas past trim line in online version
  • individual panel presets for Grade 1, 2, 3, etc.
  • ability to re-flow panels without loss of existing content using online version
  • double page templates


YearbookFusion Build 112908 Desktop 


  • activation error loop
  • page lock status to unlock after restore allowing further editing
  • editor and portraits tabs to display after restore
  • frame rotation handle alignment
  • stability while working with panel presets
  • ability to save two templates with same content to remote storage
  • Mac: to display page thumbnails
  • Mac: Help & Support button to direct to support portal correctly

YearbookFusion Build 27376.15 Online

Fixed :

  • stability of panel reflow after changes to portraits section
  • persistence with page duplication & autosave
  • page order in ladder view to display correctly
  • zoom in panel editor to display bleed lines correctly
  • stability of saving settings under admin tab
  • form factor to open with correct dimensions in editor

Both desktop and online, added timestamps to projects for better filtering/sorting.


YearbookFusion 2015-2016 Release Build 112818



  • added “Sort” and “View” drop downs in AutoCollage wizard
  • images from AutoCollage can be redropped to the canvas background after save to remote storage
  • pages created in AutoCollage allow for multipage flow


  • pages reordered correctly
  • pages are not lost after using undo on a duplicate page and after moving duplicated pages
  • pages are not transparent after fast duplication and moving of pages
  • undo works on all edits including panels and not corrupt the panels
  • undo restores a deleted page
  • undo does not add an extra empty page when removing applied templates
  • undo no longer remove ‘inside cover’ after moving pages


  • FotoFusion reloads properly after update
  • FotoFusion no longer has problems responding on download high definition process
  • no freeze/crash on Mac while opening large remote storage project
  • no freeze/crash when dropping items from LPArt
  • no freeze/crash when adjusting text size of header on advanced panel hover
  • crash restore works on all edits including most recent actions, panels, images
  • crash restore saves book ladder with same name, not prompting a ‘save as’


  • projects no longer report missing non visible png
  • projects opened from a network or local drive can now ‘save as’ to remote storage
  • projects created from another project with “save as” update and save with matching thumbnails
  • project save to rs not prevented by missing alternate resolution of non-jpg image
  • remote storage no longer blocked by ‘invalid’ images
  • panel headers save correctly to remote storage

Upload to publisher

  • font error no longer blocks rs save or upload
  • no further blank progress message screen, causing users to upload twice

Missing Images Tool

  • images remain connected after reconnected with tool

Used Image Checkmarks

  • used image checkmarks show when image has been flipped
  • cloud content now shows checkmarks correctly


  • form factor must match in all projects to allow output of book
  • output respects repadmin render settings
  • report text that spills over the bleed line


  • panel hover UI launches normally on initial launch or when loading large databases
  • improved panel hover layout for easier workflow
  • Headers: “Cont’d” works as expected
  • panel frame mouse click functionality more intuitive
  • panel presets on simple tab repaired
  • modifying headers no longer causes corruption projects when saving to remote storage

PSPA Import

  • fixed ‘Integrate’ option to allow the addition of a second PSPA (retakes)
  • fixed database corruption by blocking png and other non-supported format images on import
  • dramatic improvement of refresh rate on custom attributes and search on organize tab

User Interface

  • display menus when hovering over content rather than using right mouse selection
  • added auto populate and auto-collage to drop down menu on thumbnails
  • added user preference option for contextual menu items
  • added ability to add templates & content to Left/Right side or entire canvas of double page spread from the contextual menu.
  • increased page thumbnail size
  • added hovers to quickly access Yearbook templates and graphic embellishments
  • Mac only: fix for ‘magic mouse’ hyper-zoom issue


  • adding gallery image to canvas opened in new frame, not replace last dropped
  • images do not flip or mirror due to exif info
  • rotated image thumbnail now displays correctly after saving to remote storage


  • double page or covers loads correctly and not squished into a single page
  • page thumbnail displays correctly when frames have negative inset
  • removed ‘set as hint text’ to non-publishers to avoid user confusion with text.


Both Desktop & Online

Overall, dramatic improvements to speed of project loads, save, and access to cloud content.

User Interface

  • added wide book ladder view
  • updated menu graphics user interface
  • updated menu layouts for user-friendly and improve workflow
  • replace Start zone with My Book Tab
  • added online proofing
  • added multi-select and batch editing to datatables
  • added ability to add a new field in batch edit window
  • added datatable row selection scrolling for better user experience
  • added “page limit visible” in admin tab
  • added option to reuse last year’s book ladder or start fresh


  • publishers no longer needs to sign out to change school
  • ability to switch account on sign in window
  • fixed drop down menu of team members for easier sign-in

Book Ladder

  • added “clone section” to book ladder
  • added slideshow preview
  • enabled one-click add a page to fix page sequence (book logic) errors
  • single page templates no longer replace entire sections in book ladder
  • fixed re-naming section in book ladder to release lock
  • added filters to My Sections and Templates to scope thumbnail view, for easier searchability
  • made thumbnails larger and more visible
  • page thumbnails immediately refresh after save
  • project locks released immediately on close
  • broadcast changes to book/projects in real-time, to keep UI in sync between users
  • ability for publishers to view school proofing status
  • pie graph chart added to easily visualize completeness of book
  • page status displayed saving to remote storage

Team Management

  • simplified team roles to Manager, Co-Manager, Editor, Senior Editor and Editor
  • corrected all role failures ensuring all roles behave correctly
  • page assignment feature more visible to users
  • page assignment now can be applied to newly created section
  • added option to ‘batch assign’ users to a page

Help & Support

  • new support portal features searchable how-to and troubleshooting articles
  • quick start guides that walk users through creating a yearbook step by step and a database of questions and answers that allows users to perform keyword searches to find answers to common questions
  • software includes more helpful tips, warning messages, and walk-through messages to guide users on recommended workflow
  • helpful reminder to save their work





  • application launched in any browser, including Chromebooks.

Project Management

  • page numbering enables/disables correctly.


  • no double login on portraits tab
  • portrait-only import allows access to form to complete associated data
  • portraits wizard no longer fails with “timeout error”


  • featured images in panels now supported
  • set frame default to width avoids left/right shifted panel
  • filter for panel pages added to My Sections
  • duplicate panel sections can now be created
  • panels can be reflowed to new criteria
  • panels can be reflowed to sync with changes to database
  • updated default for label and sort options


Build Fixes 112839


  • stuck in ‘Waiting for import to finish’
  • hang after open and save locally
  • crash restore to launch in editor tab


  • access to new knowledge base portal for online version