Why Upgrade to FOTOFUSION V5?

December 15, 2014 - 1 minute read

You say you’re happy with your older version of FotoFusion, but do you know what you are missing?
Upgrade to Version 5 Extreme at a discount to benefit from an extensive list of improvements.

Version 4 Users don’t have:

  • Direct support for Mac installations
  • All free papers, decorative frames, embellishments
  • All free templates, including an extensive and refreshed gallery of wedding albums and calendars
  • Web albums for modern online proofing
  • Frame border shapes – rounded, angled, oval frames with resizable border widths
  • Resizable autocollage regions
  • Advanced, per-character text
  • Blending modes and unsharp mask image effects
  • Layout flipping/rotation on the Pages hover
  • Direct publish to Facebook
  • Rule of thirds guidelines on image frames
  • Output to PSD and PDF (with layers and vector text)
  • PDF template import
  • Project version history
  • Robust crash restore

Version 4 ENHANCED users don’t have:
All the above plus:

  • Multi-page projects
  • Multiple page types (sheets, album sides, spreads, covers)
  • Unlimited page size and resolution
  • PDF output

Version 3 Users don’t have:
All the above plus:

  • An integrated searchable gallery of decorative embellishments
  • A library of wedding albums and other templates
  • A smart autocollage wizard to order files by exif info
  • Autocollage with aspect ratio locked
  • Default editor customization
  • Red-eye removal
  • Matte cutter
  • Text-as-matte
  • Grouping frames
  • Advanced organizer
  • PSD and PDF export
  • Tree view to access all frames on your canvas
  • Improved page size handling
  • Project portability via archiving
  • Improved file management